"Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman..."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Full Moon
Phoenix Rising
She Wolf
Luna Butterfly
Moon River
Midnight Dance


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Andrea Hrnjak

I am Croatian-born, Vienna-based artist in love with wolves and the moon.My work explores the relationship between the feminine,the natural world,spirituality and themes of mythology,fantasy and the occult.My relationship with nature and animals is the most beautiful connection that is reflected in my work.I am inspired with the complexity and the rawness of it and what it brings to my life.

After graduating from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (Masters degree in Fashion Design) my career has taken in a wide of creative activities,from fashion design and styling in Germany and Italy through to teaching in China, but reverted back to my love of drawing.

I live with my beloved Czechoslowakian Wolfdog,Arna.She inspires me and makes me enjoy life every day.Welcome to my world of adventure, passion for nature,animals and drawing.

My clients and collaborators include Burton Snowboards,Commons & Sense Magazine,I love Illustration and The Clothes Maiden Magazine among others.

I do custom design for tattoos,book cover,logo, apparel,portraits...
Drop me a line if you have any questions, want to order a custom design or just to say hi. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Arna Wolfdog


"Andrea's color palate reflects a moonlit night in the desert. Her works are delicate in both color and the hand she uses to create these pieces. Andrea's deep connection with nature and all of its creatures is obvious when looking at these images."


"Wild.Delicate Tempting.Andrea Hrnjak is a Vienna artist and illustrator with a love for wild animals and a penchant for the icy girls. Her works are wonderfully beguiling, evocative and sensual. Her works are a window into a world we once knew, where the union between human and animal is harmonious and calm, a radiant and carefree spirit that we crave today. Nature has its own rhythms and orders. The images of chilly high mountains and tempting misty nights remind us that the world doesn’t just revolve around human competitions, they invoke a modesty in us."


"Upon sighting Andrea’s drawings and poems, you’ll find your inner animal spirit wanting to be set free and filled with a desire to conquer the universe. When we look at her sketches and read her poems with an open mind and rely on our imagination, the hidden meaning between each piece perfectly conveys what our free spirited minds have always wanted to say. These sketches urge us to let loose and set free our inner strangeness, quirks, and repressed desires and remain untamed in a society that wants us to fit into a certain mould.

Andrea’s chilly illustrations are represented by icy girls and wild animals and they appeal to her audiences spread out across various social media platforms. Her artwork is often used by many instapoets to give life to their poetry."


"Comisionados en paseo de escape nocturno, los idilios mágicos de la esencia de hadas asoman para, con la ayuda de mariposas y flores, arrojar fragancias de rosas y nardos sobre el augurio de liberación de las almas aterradas de ciudad.

Son los bosques de naturaleza encumbrada el hábitat de lo fantástico, así lo atestiguan los cuentos y los fantasmas nostálgicos que ellos han inspirado. Son padre y madre que cobija y que arrebata. No obstante, el hombre, uno más de sus observados, se ha rebelado para atosigarse de tecnología y prisa. Alejado de sus similares: los animales; los humanos: seres “superdotados” de inteligencia y creatividad han dado un salto para encumbrarse en deidades de ellos mismos. Con el conocimiento como atenuante, han privilegiado el progreso y el dinero en acto fútil por saciar su ambición. Ambición en juego de equilibrios rotos que en futuros plásticos ha dado pie a la erosión de aquello que alguna vez respeto y cuido.

Los dibujos de Andrea Hrnjak retoman la calma y la conexión olvidada entre los hombres y animales, todos del mismo origen y acompañantes de la evolución son caracteres en cohabitación de los temperamentos acicalados por el plástico de la modernidad. Son aullido de bosque que se eleva durante la noche para arrullarse de luna menguante y estrellas, estrellas que tatúan los cuerpos de sus cuestionados. Son anuncio de lobos y cuervos, de búhos sabios que posan en hombros mientras lanzan sus solemnes augurios. Hay poesía, hay metáfora visual."




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