Welcome to an enchanting journey where the wild spirit dances under the watchful gaze of the moon, transporting you to a world where the boundaries between magic and reality cease to exist.


Through mystic forests, mountains high,
She journeys under midnight sky,
A sacred dance of soul and earth,
A testament to endless rebirth.

The new moon's kiss, a tender light,
Awakens dreams, ignites the night,
Of worlds unseen, of sacred lore,
A gateway to the evermore.

Tree Of Life

Let us seek its subtle light,
In the quiet corners of the night.
For in the treasury of wisdom, we find,
A sanctuary for the searching mind.


From the ashes born, a tale untold,
A guided journey, daring and bold,
In ember’s gleam, a spirit takes flight,
A phoenix rising to the heavens’ height.

New Moon

A beacon of promise in the cosmic expanse,
A tender smile, a luminous trance,
In the cradle of darkness, it finds its tune,
The enchanting melody of the newborn moon.

Cosmic Dance

Embrace the galaxies within your soul,
Let the universe guide and make you whole,
Through the vastness, our spirits entwine,
A dance with the cosmos, a connection divine.


In the depths of my soul, a wolf resides,
A creature fierce, where darkness abides.
Its amber eyes gleam with an untamed fire,
A spirit wild, with a hunger to inspire.

Magic Mountains

Forest Spirits

In shadows deep, where whispers lie,
A door emerges beneath the sky,
A portal to the wild unknown,
To realms where untamed spirits roam.

The path is winding, untamed, and free,
A dance with the wild, a symphony,
Discover echoes of your soul,
As the door unveils, and stories unfold.

She Wolf

Embrace the wild within, let it unfold,
A spirit untethered, fearless and bold,
In the wilderness of the soul,we find,
The untamed beauty of our truest kind.

Wolf Shadow

In the veiled embrace of shadows,wisdom is found,
Strength in the silence, in the darkness profound,
For in embracing the shadows that reside,
We uncover the depth where our true selves hide.


I am Andrea Hrnjak,a Croatian-born,Vienna-based artist and devoted admirer of the wild,the luminous and the mystical.

My journey has been one of self-discovery, adaptability, and creative exploration.

As a young student at the University Of Applied Arts in Vienna,i had the extraordinary opportunity to study under the guidance of Vivienne Westwood and Helmut Lang, two iconic figures in the fashion world.I honed my skills, developed a keen eye for style, and cultivated a deep understanding of the industry.

Eager to explore new horizons,i embarked on a transformative journey to China. Intrigued by the country's rich cultural heritage,i seized the opportunity to teach and share my knowledge with aspiring fashion enthusiasts. Teaching in China not only provided a fresh perspective but also allowed me to immerse myself in a different culture, fostering personal growth and expanding my creative outlook.

After many years in the fashion industry and abroad,i experienced a turning point in my career. Deep within,i rediscovered a long-lost passion for drawing and painting, which had always held a special place in my heart. Fueled by this newfound inspiration,i made the courageous decision to pursue my artistic inclination wholeheartedly.

With an unwavering commitment to my craft,i embarked on a new chapter of my life and dedicated myself to refining my drawing skills, experimenting with various techniques, and exploring diverse artistic styles. Recently, i've been primarily using Procreate for most of my creative projects. 

Throughout my illustrious career, i have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed clients and partners from various industries, each contributing to my journey of creative exploration.

Some notable clients and collaborators include Burton Snowboards,Commons & Sense Magazine Tokyo,The Clothes Maiden Magazine,I Love Illustration,Parenting Magazine etc...

Andrea Hrnjak

From an early age, I found solace and inspiration in the stories of my homeland, where tales of witches and otherworldly beings were inseparable from the culture and landscape. These narratives, took on a new significance when I embarked on my artistic journey.

In my youth, I overlooked their significance, but it was during my studies in Vienna that their uniqueness and captivating allure awakened within me. These tales, like whispers from the ancients, ignited a profound yearning for a more magical life. It was then that I embarked on a wondrous exploration into the realms of mysticism, ancient myths, and sacred rituals.

Drawing from mythology, fantasy and the occult my art seeks to bridge the realms of the known and the mysterious.Within surreal and dreamy scenes, the feminine form dances in harmony with nature, while spirit animals guide us through hidden realms.

In this wondrous exploration, I discovered my own profound meaning, unveiling the radiant power of the divine feminine within.

May my creations ignite the spark of wildness within you,encourage you to embrace your inner magic and walk a path less traveled.


Wall art, home decor, tech and apparel.

Cross stitch.

Canvas prints and wall art of older work.

© Copyright 2024 Andrea Hrnjak. All Rights Reserved.

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